10 symptoms that can be a sign of pancreatic cancer

Do you know how your body copes with your abundant dinner and several glasses of wine? Your pancreas (together with the stomach, intestine, liver and gallbladder) plays a great role in digestion. This fish-shaped organ is situated in your abdomen near the stomach. It consists of the head, body and tail, which have a common length of about 6 inches. Pancreatic tissue naturally contains two types of cells. Exocrine cells are created in the glands, which work together with the liver to support food digestion. They produce special enzymes, which are delivered through the net of ducts to the duodenum. The second type of cells (endocrine) are produced in small areas called islets of Langerhans. They generate hormones insulin, which keep blood glucose levels under control. Sometimes problems can occur, leading to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in any area of the body, including the pancreas.

there are certain warning signs that can help identify pancreas troubles. Check out these symptoms of pancreatic cancer:

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